Imagine thunder and lightening streaking across the moonlit sky,
streets are torn apart oozing out fiery lava.
The Earth is barren and the once colorful oceans all dry,
as a single warrior walks out of the fire as Earth's last savior. Imagine a heroic knight dashing across the shallow mirrored lake, as his mighty horse gallops with unnerving speed.
Dressed in garments of pure white like a snowflake, the knight races to the mystical castle to rescue the winged steed. Imagine a palace built of blue-tinted glass,
the color of light-blue topaz after cut and polished to a finish.
The bearded wizard chants ancient dialect of the past,
to summon the mythical creature that no person had dared wish. Imagination is the foundation to bring the world closer together,
creating your own version of the story for generations.
From nursery rhymes to epic novels retold forever,
a precious gift that cannot be stolen is the world's

by Jin S. Byun

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