Imagination Is Limitless

Imagination is limitless.
It’s one-tenth design.
It’s two-sixths blurring visions,
And the rest bits and bobs found on a clothesline.

Ask any person to say what they see in a mirror.
They’ll probably reply, that they see someone who looks like them, looking back.
Not me I see a green chinchilla.

Look into the clouds and see a distant wonder,
I don’t see a lighting box laced with music thunder.
I see slugs, snails and puppy dog’s tails and all other lovely things to eat.
I feel like popping into the garden to find myself a treat.

On the coast of England pyramids might stand.
And letterboxes might prefer to eat your hand.
And wouldn’t it be strange,
If all farmyard animals held change.
For that you would have god to thank,
When you go to Nat West to deposit your piggy bank.

I tell you again imagination is limitless,
Just look at what I’ve thought,
Like rabbit flavoured crisps that really ought to be bought.

Now if you excuse me,
I’ve got a house to thatch,
A cat that needs painting,
And a cricket ball to catch.

by Sam Price

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