Imagine there's no light,
That way no one will fear darkness.

Imagine greed doesnt exist,
That way there wont be vanity.

Imagine there's no water,
That way no one can quench his thirst.

Imagine eyes were on the back head,
That way everyone will walk backwards.

Imagine hands were used to walk,
That way all of us will go upside-down.

Imagine there's no time,
That way we wont be late.

Imagine comfort doesnt exist on earth,
That way one will prefer not to live.

Imagine there's no justice,
That way only the wicked will survive.

Imagine there's no law and norms,
That way every act will seem right.

Imagine I could fly,
That way sky will be my beginning.

Imagine the world without betrayal,
That way I could hav trusted everyone.

Imagine there's no love,
That way hatred would hav consumed us.

Imagine no one has a brain,
That way I wouldnt have written this poem.

by Albashir Adam Alhassan

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