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CT (June 2,1989 / Alexandria, Louisiana)


Poem By christy tanksley

Imagine all the things
that time has to measure,
the simple things that count
and the hard things we treasure.

Imagine that you were a tree
alone in the park,
and the only thing they notice
is the owl after dark.

What if you were a bird
soaring above the skies,
landing on a narrow branch,
to sing your lullaby.

What if you were a car
wheeling down the road,
with hardly any gas
and no place to go.

All these things i imagine
race through my eyes,
imagining, you can go anywhere
be someone in disguise.

All though im only 16
and still a little girl,
with my imagination
I can soar the world.

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Comments (2)

Verily, a great metaphor and a great imagination Loved reading it.....10
Nice thoughts Christy, shows your developing mind, not sure about the title though, perhaps, What if I imagine, Charlie.