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Poem By kerry golland

Imagine seeing someone waste away in front of you, so you can’t recognize them any more.
Imagine seeing someone change in front of you becoming what they said they never would.
Imagine seeing someone with scars all down there wrists, not wanting to remain on the planet.
Imagine seeing someone puffing them self into an early grave, killing themselves inside out.
Imagine seeing someone drinking there self to death, ruining every part of there body and life.
Imagine seeing someone get so angry and mad that the only way to calm down is to hit things.
I don’t have to imagine, this is my life, the people I have talked about, these are my friends, each and everyone changing, slowly dieing.
I haven’t written this to get people to feel sorry for me or to say horrible things about my friends. I wrote it so people could see what can go wrong and how it effects the people of the infected

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