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Can you imagine....
going into a city as a hero, knowing you will doe within a week as a criminal?
washing the feet of the very man who will betray you, knowing he will betray you?
Sitting down to a holiday meal knowing that your closest friends will deny ever knowing you
before the night is over? Can you imagine....
taking a physical beating and humiliation of carrying your own means of death down city streets?
being mocked as a "king" with "crown of thorns" placed on your head hard enough that it drew
blood? Can you imagine....
the weight of the whole world's sins past, present, and future being on your shoulders?
Dying to save the very people who hated and persecuted you?
Feeling forsaken as the sky turned black, as if even God has deserted you? Can you imagine....
the incredible love this mans showed as he asked God to, "Forgive them..."?
the miracle of His being raised up on the third day?
Being the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah? Imagine those things, but KNOW this:
JESUS IS, WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, ALL these and MORE for you and me.

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excel of faith - JESUS IS, WAS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE, ALL these and MORE for you and me and for everyone.........
Hello, I would like to say first of all, I am a Pastor's wife. I came across this poem today and I beleive that it is a wonderful poem about our Lord. A few years ago my husband wrote a song called Can You Imagine. It is on the very same line as your poem.We were even blessed enough to record it and sent it to alot of the radio stations. This poem is Very Anointed by God and I love it enough that I'm giving a copy of it to every woman at our church for Mom's Day along with your Women of Courage poem. They are very encouraging and awesome poems. I hope to hear of some more poems by you. Love in Christ, Sherry