Baby imagine
U and me together with passion
Late night still awake ready for sexual action
My lullabies nullify the stress in ya mind
Together we fly beyond the sky til heaven we find
Pour some wine, relax ya mind,
Let it sizzle alittle
Under moonlight with tunes like Aaliyah
Working the middle
I'll be the storm in ya sea, while I be rocking ya boat
Knock u off of ya course, in ecstacy we will float
Take u back to '69 while u screaming and creaming
And when u come, it aint over, told ya
It's just the beginning
Gon' be a long night, it'll be alright
With sweet love from a thug
We can start on the couch,
Work it out then head to the tub
And rub a dub alittle coz'
We got all night to share love
Share the sex in excess
Til we go half on a cub
Imagine that, no 4get it
Take away imagination
Bring it in real form,
Make it a realization

by Deo (Wuwa) inji

Comments (5)

Passion, sexual action, fly beyond the sky, moonlight, '69 while u screaming and creaming very passionate and erotic poem..... full of emotion....... thank you very much for this poem. tony
Wonderful and filled with passion! I love it!
Wow awesome poem! Really enjoyed it! Sounds like a nice night to have with that imagination!
A nice poem, I enjoyed this.
I think both men and women want to grab a hold of this and hold on tight, all through the night. GW62