JLN ( / Cincinnati, OH, USA)


The look of wonderment etched on his face
When he first held me close, me all wrapped in lace. Me, a curly head toddler not more than two
My hand in his hand, this man dressed in blue. My first day at school as he kissed me goodby
Whispering, "you're daddy's big girl, so don't you cry." My first baseball game, the proud look on his face
When I hit that ball hard and ran to third base. A warm fire burning, a child wanting to share
Climbing up in his lap as he sat in his chair. My arm in his arm, me, all dressed in white
As we walked down the aisle, he whispered, "you'll be alright." Him, right there beside me, tightly holding my hand
Watching his first grandchild enter this land. Me, like everyone else; I tried but it wasn't my style
Cause I grew up being a fatherless child.

by Janet L. Niehaus

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