DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


I write of a place I've not yet been;
beyond the horizon
before the dawn
a place not yet born,
before and after
life has come and gone.

A time where clocks stand still;
in space that has
no place to fill,
where colours merge into white,
and white merges into black.

Where all sounds are taken back;
all thoughts dissolved
all things that were ever made of gold
melted back,
into love's enfold.

What is there;
in that place I've not yet been
beyond all that seems
beyond my thoughts
beyond my dreams?

I am.

I am the horizon
I am the dawn
I am the life of
all that's born.

I am eternity
I am all space
I am colour
I am all things
that change.

I am sound
I am thought
I am all dreams;
all imaginations themes.

I am the source of all these.
I am the knowing
and the known.
I am far away places
not yet seen.

I am home
for all,
that imagine
a place they have not yet been.

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Very nicely penned write.