Imagine! Imagine! A Love Poem

No body can take away my imagination of you
I think of you close to my heart and feel good
I think I am riding a horse in the amazon
and imagine as if I am rding you
I think you are hugging me from behind
and imagine you are kissing my temples
and you softly sucking the lobes of my ears
while you caress my breasts with your hands
and then give me kisses of love
on my mouth, breasts, thighs...

O love, when I think of you
I become beside myself.
My thoughts go from riding a horse
to my breasts gallopping for you.
Your lips tremble in anticipation and I bend a little for you
to feed you my love for a sec and then move away to tease you.
I imagine sailing on the blue seas embraced in your arms
lying in your lap on the ship's deck under the full moon
while your hands move in my hair in gentle waves
and your lips softly whishper in my ears -
I love you, I love you, my sweet heart, I love you, for forever...

by Ravi Kopra

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