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Imagine This
LW Lucy Williams ( / )

Imagine This

Why don't you take my hand?
Lead me up that path that climbs up high.
At the top sit down and look over the deep blue sea.
if we are lucky we may catch the sunset.
As the last spec of light leaves the sky you hold me close.
When you lead me back down the path, it is dark.
People are sleeping,
Everywhere is silent.
We tip toe past houses so not to wake anybody.
When you still have my hand lead me back to my home.
Take me to the gate,
Push it open.
You can let go of my hand now.
But instead you carry me to the door.
Place me down on the step.
Kiss me.
Then grab my hand,
Slowly walk away until our fingertips part.
I stand on the step and watch you walk away.
After shutting the gate,
You look up into my eyes and smile,
Then walk away.

So go on take my hand,
You never know what may happen.

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