Imagined Love

You can find imagined love
Right there between the lines.
It's surely there, the love we see,
The one our heart designs.

It still emerges vaguely,
Until you give it life.
It's only then, when flourishing,
It causes pain and strife.

You never can return it.
Nor can it be replaced.
It seems to disappear at once,
With both blind souls disgraced.

I do not choose to give you
Another soul's torment.
So I'll just ask you kindly dear,
Don't change the words I meant.

They are not written vaguely.
Nor can I thus conceive,
Of how you can imagine them;
The things, you now believe.

So, just remember truly,
Though it's the one you see;
Don't focus on imagined love,
The only love from me.


Comments (31)

nicely creative, very brilliant write. always ieaves me touched and intrigued.
Once again... greatly written! I enjoy reading your poems.
very beautiful and i loved it romantic touch of a well seasoned love relationship
Nice flow, lovely poem.. I love it... it really got me realaxed.. and the use of words.. unique. best wishes, ana
Every word means so much here. I would dare compare you to Poe-my favorite poet- because each verse flows into the next. I could use this to describe my life and that's why I appreciate it enough to compare you to Poe. My mother says, 'Poems can come from the mind, but works of art come from the heart'. And that is what your poem is, a work of art.
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