Losing You

Poem By Josh Burnett

Running fast and trying to hide
I can hear his shoes hit the ground behind
To afraid to look back
Everything around me is black
I can feel him getting closer to me
I don’t understand why he won’t let me be
This road is never ending
I feel like I am going to start crying
What’s so very wrong?
Why don’t I feel so strong?
Someone save me is what calls
Then someone graves me before I fall
I scream please don’t hurt me
His face I couldn’t see
He picked me up and carried me away
I must have fell asleep till the next day
I sat up in this bed
I thought was already dead
My whole body was sore
I stood up but then hit the floor
He came over with a smile
And said to me you have been sleeping for a wile
I felt like I knew him from somewhere
I have never seen him around here
I must have been in a dream
For some reason I wanted to scream
I fell back into a deep sleep
I sat up real fast with such a leap
In my room I was alone
All of the sudden I heard a ring is was the phone
My mom said come one my sleepy head
Get up and out of that bed
Looking out the window it was snowing
Was that real or was I imaging

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