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Imagining Death

imagine doing it right now, lowdown the lights
feel the heaviness inside, put in the cd let the music play
maybe something from hawthorne or from good ol placebo
light up some candles to set up the mood
oh and yes don't forget thy best friend booze
sit and soak in hot relaxing tub for an hour
let your mind drift to unfaithful thoughts
feel the pain stabbing piercing your heart
like stab! stab! stab!
summon the darkness that clouds your mind
let it stay...let it consume your wholeness...
now your tears are showing...that's good...
that's the way...now hold that godamned blade
nick as deep as you can make it!
this isn't a call for help! duuuuh?
you may look but don't f#&king vomit stupid ass
here comes the splurt you won't believe
there should be no stopping this time f#&ktard
oh yes...close your eyes and feel the chill
up and down your spine...
your heartbeat echoes all over your body
a cold eerie feeling of pulsation..don't think!
sleep if you can...anyway you'll soon be too tired
the lightheadedness takes over...are'nt you sleepy yet?
Now let it all just wash away....
congratulations! you finally did it! ..goodbye.

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Comments (2)

desire and imagination both running amuck that time when i wrote that...
very intense! , and well written. I know what you're saying for I've been there, I've been buried alive