Imaturety Of A Generation

Im so lost
in everything
it doesnt even
make sence
to me when
all i do is listen
hearing it all
letting it go away
as all this goes by so fast
just another day without this
trying to get away
from the wasteful thought
that i tend to hear
to much feeling my life
taken away by these people
that act so immature
its another day feeling
our lives pass
with nothing happening
everyone how much its
your fault
pushing the blame
away from yourself
as soon as it pops up
taken life
a step back
feeling the waste of the
as i look and
find myself stuck in this
found that the common
sense so easy told
is impossible
for people to understand
for a reason unknown
full of teens
that 'act so grown up'
finding that a crack
of common sense
is such a funny
joke to senseless people
who dont understand
is a word that
could explain
but stunned it
all that comes to mind
as i see the immaturety
laughing at the obviouse
realizing that
they dont understand
the facts of life
that makes you who
you are
wasted in a time
of a generation
that im in
as i leave
i look back
at the repeditive immature
waste of

by Sean Buchsbaum

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