NK (07/09/1974 / USA)

Imitation Of Love

No one ever tried to find me
No one ever showed me the way
Not one ever trusted in me
For as far as I can remember my days

It hardly ever brings me down
When was I ever lost to begin with?
Yes, I've been offered
An imitation of Love!

Who could fake a feeling so pure?
Who could pretend to care?
with a hungry look
When they know it all so well
It was God that Loved first

Those that are truly blessed
Are kept by the maker himself
No one can ever touch them
No one can bring them down

They never need a spot of glory
For they shall always stand
For others in need
Those truly poor souls
Scraping by the crumbs of life
Burning in this land of time
Just to feel 'Alive'

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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