BP (3/6/94 / Baltimore, MD@GBMC)

Imma Live My Life

imma live my life like there aint no tommorow
like the joy overpowers the sorrow
like rain washes away tears
like nothing in this world is to be feared
can you hear it?

A peaceful sound
cuz all it sound
and no one can drown
cuz the life guard is always around

Thats what life would be like if we didn't remove all the innocence
if we didn't try to fuq with what we didn't think made sense
if we werent so determined to change
but eager to live life in vein

imma live my life like thers no tommorow
like the joy overpowers the sorrow
like pain is no reason to wallow
like i should be proud to be imperfect
cuz i know i'm worth it
are u?

it's our time, we control future
imma live my life like the future is just a term
like i kno what i'll earn

by Brittney Phillips

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Comments (3)

i love this line brittney like rain washes away tears
The essence of this poem is up lifting and honest. Your style is the raw honestly you convey the reader especially to youth. I can feel every pain, sorrow, anger and enlightenment each of your poems... but i like this one..as i sense (though i could be wrong) .. resolution in it.. about yourself..and the future. Keep the brillant flow of emotions into words going.. the more stark truth, raw emotion and truth so creatively written leaves the greatest impression on someone.. an impression that some times is life changing! Remember to firstly write for yourself, well done, Mel xx
I like the flow in this one...keep it up