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Immaculate Myths
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Immaculate Myths

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

We all have been seduced to perceive...
A virginity preserved,
After the act of sex should be believed.
Indignities are shared,
And inflicted to ostracize...
Those we choose to victimize,
For not keeping their temptations fully disguised.
But glaring from pulpits,
Is a venomized ignorance inflicted.
Torturing minds and defining sins.

Microscoped and penalized are those of leadership.
All of us have arrived here sweating up sex.
And those of pretensed forgettable values...
Project our leaders should walk on water,
And yet not get wet!
These immaculate myths,
We are conditoned to accept...
As if human beings are flawless.
In need of severe suffering imposed,
In public exposure to get whipped!
There are contradictions,
Within themselves hypocrisized.
And enforced!
But difficult to admit...
Who is there amongst us is perfect?
With your imperfections,
Feeding conflict!

Inspired by:
Baba Kazembe (Mr. Wesley Smith)
Hartford, Connecticut

'Thank you for this 'insight', Wes'

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I love the title - unforgettable!