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Who Will Cry For The Little Girl?
( / Connecticut)

Who Will Cry For The Little Girl?

Poem By Shaneka Taylor

Crazed and outrageous.
These days lived to believe.

Sitting on pins and needles.
Praying faithfully with it hoped.
That a soiled diaper,
Done when one was just months old.
Will stay to remain concealed.
And not publicly revealed.
By those seeking reasons to find one unfit.
To be picked to sit.
In a position of leadership.
And one's life to live has been blemish free.
Determining with it certain,
In this crazed and outrageous World.
That one identified is qualified,
To be dependable and trusted.
Smearing tactics have begun.
And the one sitting on pins and needles,
Is stunned by an investigation.
Someone has claimed.
To have proof of that soiled diaper.
Stopping and attempting to prevent,
One would can not remember...
Whose diaper it was.
Or will commit to consent,
To its lingering scent.
Making this confession a questionable event.
Sending those in a horrified uproar.
To disbelieve with it now to question.
If one chosen and picked,
To sit in a position of leadership.
Without being immaculately conceived.
How can anyone justify,
A continuing to proceed qualifying anyone.
Who has soiled a diaper.
Without admitting where it was to leave.

Crazed and outrageous.
Are these days lived to see and believe.

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