Immiture Or Mature? ......

Shake me out of this dream I'm in,
where do I end, where do I begin?
Wake me up, I'm waiting for the word,
The only thing I can imagine, seems so absurd.
Carefree and lively, are what I once was,
acting out as a child only does.
I had no dreams, I had no ambitions,
I had only hope and my dear premonitions.

Relying on myself, as only you should do,
I broke free of my immaturity and suddenly I knew,
Hold your ground, don't let go,
be yourself, let things flow.
Keep your friends, but your enemies best,
look inside yourself and you are truly blessed.
Remember a picture paints so many words,
don't base your life around what you've heard.

Take the good with the bad, but don't be too naive,
forgive and forget, and never ever deceive.
Learn from your mistakes and you will soon find,
you've built a much greater relationship with your mind.

by Lolita Hiroshi

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