(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Immoral Causes

Tossed away to have intensities lost.
At a cost to keep immoral causes.
No longer kept hidden to perceive discreet.
Too many sweeping investigations,
Have begun to connect proof once denied...
Were vicious lies started by those envious.
Those spreading rumors wherever they meet.

No longer disguised,
Can be the trembling of knees.
Doing their best to separate themselves,
From a degradation they allowed to create.
But today they can not prevent,
A high tech mess they protest against.
While once praising this invention as progress.
Pretend they do they are disgusted and shocked.
By scenes videotaped of their elected leaders,
Prancing around naked.
Exposing themselves with all clothes off.
To then watch intently with not an eye to blink.
Murmuring words nearly heard,
About how their imaginations have been offended.

Troubled, upset and appalled I am by this.
Prancing around naked.
And kissing strippers on their hips.
Not one of them is circumcised.
How valued could be their religious beliefs? "

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