Poem By Marie Joyce B. Negapatan

Such is this heart of mine
With a love to hide
With its every beat
Comes your name

With every distance
Is a shattered piece

Now it's bleeding so intense
In brightly colored redness
This innocent pain
running through my veins
Is a word of goodbye
Wounded by a knife

If only you knew my name
I know you do
But do you even care
When thou shall refuse
to resuscitate
This life support
hanging by a thread

The way you silenced
My heart
With every beat of thy ignorance
Now I'm nothing
More than a rotting flesh
A corpse as cold as a lifeless

Now let me bury thy memory
In my lonely grave
Watch me as I surrender
My heart back to the heavens
A mortality of fate
Caused by thy selfishness

Still I
Here to stay
In this world of vile and contempt
A pledge till the very last breath
Never will I depart
In your memory
I will always be a part

Henceforth, I
In thee, I shall find meaning
In thou, I shall find sin
At long last
I shall find
A long and lasting sleep.

- Joyce Negapatan
aka. The Introvert Chick

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