On Substance Abuse

Give up all drugs, you must,
Your Wife, she needs you first;
Children, you have to fend;
Give up your drugs, my friend.

A doctor too, you are,
With drugs, you are unfair;
To risk your body’s health,
Which is your only wealth.

Cut then, your habit soon;
Before, one day you swoon;
Whether bride or bridegroom,
It can bring you to doom.

Listen to me my friend;
A drug is a fiend;
You shan’t be too selfish;
By taking drugs you wish.

‘Tis time you must well halt;
If not, ‘twill be your fault;
Give up your drugs and live;
Or else, God won’t forgive.

Your life is too precious;
You must be much conscious;
Drugs can just give some joy;
You can’t always enjoy.

All men are imperfect;
Some born with some defect;
You must safeguard your life;
For children’s sake and wife.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Comments (4)

it appears its a sad day today I am getting to read love poetry falling half way sad i must say
It is hard to live without the one who provided all the support. It is something one never thinks of when things are going smoothly. Nicely expressed in the poem.
Days are passing on without a hope As if I am sliding down a dangerous slope My breathes take her name and weep Wish my heart stop beating to give me my final sleep... heart touching expression in the concluded stanza is attractive. Beautiful poem shared. Thanks.
immortal love, what a great poem band creativity