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Immortal Thought
NO (01-01-1975 / Chidambaram, India.)

Immortal Thought

Let vivid mind!
Travel to bind!
Divine's sound
And those Realms!
'O profuse poems!
Stir my mind turns me kind
Avast! all snare, relumes my blind
Life wallow in fen
Sift my life! lore thy Ken
Swift loft thought Ye pour
Sweet songs lain on my shore
Secret of seel in abudance galore!
Thanks my existence thy presence
Thou Art! thro' thee i feel incense.

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Comments (2)

as i read through your pieces, i find myself leaving the moment of 'now'.... the wording feels ancient, beautiful, biblical...... ~hail poet of psalms~ you are a rare find.......
i can really feel the passion in your poetry