Are You Ever Saying Sorry?

No mater how hard you try
You can't push him away
No matter how hard you try
You can't forget about him

'Cause guilt is one that will love you forever
He will love to watch you suffer forever
He's always behind you
Waiting for you to cry

And once you do,
He'll call all his friends
They'll all watch you cry
And cry

One day though,
Guilt will dye away.
But then you will feel alone
'Cause there's nobody beside you now

You will want him back
So you'll do something to cause it again
And he'll watch you suffer
Until YOU'RE not even there anymore

by riona Kamijyou

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every thing has its purpose and time will not stop it
Brilliant poem. A descriptive assessment of the situation.
wow, people! notice how this poem which begins with reference to a fairy tale, to something of lesser consequence, ends with a profound note and a surprise. -glen kappy
Thanks for sharing++++++++++++++++
Made me look at that God again and Again! thank you for sharing! ! ! 10+++! ! !
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