(1672-1719 / England)


O Liberty! thou goddess, heavenly bright,
profuse of bliss and pregnant with delight,
Eternal pleasures in thy presence reign,
And smiling Plenty leads thy smiling train.
Eased of her load Subjection grows more light,
And Poverty looks cheerful in thy sight.
Giv'st beauty to the sun and pleasures to the day.
thee, goddess, thee, Britannia's isle adores!
How oft has she exhausted all her stores!
How oft on fields of death thy presence sought,
Nor thinks the mighty prize too dearly bought!
On foreign mountains may the sun refine
the grape's soft juice and mellow it in wine.
With citron groves adorn a distant soil.
And the fat olives swell with floods of oil.
We envy not the warmer clime, that lies
in ten degrees of more indulgent skies;
Nor at the coarseness of our heaven repine,
Though o'er our heads the frozen Pleiads shine.
'Tis Liberty that crowns Britannia's isle,
And makes her barren rocks and her bleak mountains shine

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To cherish the values of liberty should be close to our hearts- always. Thanks.
Immortality, a great key word
Eternal bliss and heavenly brightness we feel in God's wisdom. He is great top guide us ever in path of truth. No poverty remains while wisdom touches mind.
Marvellous penmanship. Beautiful poem.
It is Liberty that crowns And makes barren rocks and bleak mountains too shine Superb conceptualization. Thanks for sharing it here.
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