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Immortality Is Not For Mortals

I am not well known wealthy and famous though I thought I might be a poet
But it looks like for me that too won't happen I'll never be worthy of note
But in the end does it really matter since we are life forms born to die
The sparrow who chirps on the hedgerow is no less a mortal than I.

Immortality is not for mortals human too made of flesh, blood, water and bone
You will not find life in a dead person like you will not find life in a stone
The people we see as important are not even important at all
Just like the giant tree of the forest they too to the Reaper must fall.

The longest human life is not a long life our span of time is a short span
The only advice I have for you is live for as long as you can
Of years few live to be a century that's something worthy of a boast
The gift of life is most important and to life we should all drink a toast.

Only Nature herself is immortal that's how at least 'twould seem to me
I'd love to live for to be quite old at least a few years with the century
I wish you joy in your existence and make the most of every day
For the clock on our lives it is ticking and ticking and ticking away.

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