(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Immuned From Payback

Who are these creatures with their minds fixed,
On obsessed importance and self-centeredness.
What makes minds like these,
Accept and believe it is never too late...
To express an appreciation to those they hesitate,
An admitting of taking their patience and time...
For granted.

Who are these creatures,
Who had once been placed in positions...
To climb over fences protected by locked gates,
For the purpose to ensure they would come face to face...
If they just knocked on doors to have success happen.
To then have it heard by them to later state,
How what was accomplished was based on merit...
And their strong kept faith.

Who are these creatures,
Who stepped upon backs to crack...
To believe they are immuned from payback?
Or a fall from heights so fast they've been stripped naked,
To perceive when they have reached rock bottom...
Someone dismissed by exposed cold shoulders,
Would be awaiting gleefully to accept from them an apology.

'I've returned with it hoped,
You would accept my apology.'

~That's great.
But I believe those cookies you want to sell,
My find a better reception next door.
They may be what you are into.
As for me...
I'm not into nudists.~

'Please, anything...
A coat, a jacket. Perhaps an unused blanket?
You don't remember me?
Even my tattoo?

Are we on camera? ~

I've been struggling through some very hard times.'

~Like I said...
Next door you might find better luck.
Who knows...
Maybe your struggles wont be that hard.
I remember when my own use to be.
But today,
Maturity and age has taken care of that.~

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