How could you do this,
what power have you,
To make me fall like this,
How come I always think of you,

You filled my world with colours,
Turned my life with colours of love,
You are my favourite colour,
You are my colour of love,

You kissed my heart out,
Am dyeing to kiss you again,
And be blown about,
Whenever I kiss you again,

You are my world in bloom,
Bringing out my sweetest smile,
While you swept me like a broom,
From the road down the isle,

Imoremi my one and only,
The sunshine of my life,
That never makes me lonely,
Finally when you are my wife,

If there is a force,
That's motivates the soul,
That has no cost,
You motivate my soul,

None could be prettier,
My dazzling angel,
None could be more finer,
My cupid's angel,

I will love you with everything,
And leave nothing out,
As you have done to me great things,
When we never fall out,

This love you give to me,
I will forever exaggerate,
Whenever you say you love me,
Is a word i'll always appreciate,

Am a lovestruck idiot,
But who could be more wiser,
With you am the happiest idiot,
As my heart swell bigger,

Are you from the tribe called love,
Or an angel of aphrodite,
Coming to make me fall in love,
As your love is so mighty,

I will always love you imoremi,
You levitate my heart,
I will always cherish you imoremi,
You Are the owner of my heart.

by umoh cyril

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