VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Imortal Love

I want to see ya
I want to make ya happy

I want to cry from happyness
Whille I`m with ya!

I want that you would feal
the same for me

I love ya!
I love ya and I dont want to lose ya!
I Dont want to feal the pain
Witch I felt for many years

I want to hug ya!
I want to keep ya warm
Then weather is cold

I want to show ya
The sunsed
The full moon
The stars to witch I sed my wishes
And they came true

For me you`re
Skie to witch I cant get close
The star witch I cant take
The summer wind
The water witch wount let me die in a midle of the desert

I want to make you happy
To make you happyest women on earth

I want to be with you Untill I die!

Cuz you`re the person
Wo made me understand
Wo made me happy again
Wo made me love then I thought that I`ll never going to love again

And now then I met ya
I`ll never going to leave ya

And if you will go to the end of the world
I`ll follow
And if you will clim to the higheast mountain
I`ll be next to you
If ya will run
I`ll run after you
And if ya fly away
I`ll go after you

Cuz I`m worried aboute you
I dont want that something would hapen to you

Cuz I love you

And if you die
I want to die with you

I could do anything for you
I would find the flower in the midle of the winter

I would find the peace of ice in the midle of the desert

Djust that would understand my fealings for you

I could do any thing for you!

If I could
I would give ya
The star from the midnightes skie
The last rose of summer
The blue rose
Or peace of my heart

Djust to make ya understand
My fealings for you

I want to see ya one more time
before I die

I want to feal your warm hands touch mine
I want to see ya happy one more time

I miss ya
I miss ya each second more

It can take one sec
And I`ll miss ya
It can take one houre.
But for me It`ll be
An inturnity without you

Cuz I love you
And I want to see you
And onely you

I want to see you
I want to see your eyes
I want to touch your face

And have atleast one night to shear with you

That we could talk
That we could hug
That we could see the sunsed
That I could bee with you
Untill sun rises again

And if I leave
I want to make ya happy
Before I leave

I want to have one night to shear with you!

To see your smile
To see you at the night time
To see you happy with me

I will always love you
I will always remember you
I will always think of you

I`ll always going to be with you
Eaven If I`m many miles away
My heart and fealings
Are always with you

Each time then we meet
You make me cry
You make my heart beat hundrets of times faster
You make me feal warm then its one hundret degrease cold out side

You`re my soul mate

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Rudyard Kipling


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