(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Impacting With Facts

More difficult than it is,
To sit in a position...
Being scrutinized,
For one's approach to lead.
With unique skills.
And unquestionable abilities.
Is the capability one has,
To leave an image left...
So impressive,
No time soon to be surpassed.
Will be forgotten to replace.
Come near to duplicate.
Especially in times like these,
When authenticity...
Is a rare discovery.

Thank you...
President Barack Obama.
Thank you...
Michelle Obama and family.

Your presence,
Will be remembered to miss.
Often to reminisce,
Your unselfish call to duty.
And done to do not to delude,
The reality of sacrifice.
Or the constant existence of it
Under the most layers,
Of pressures...
Few will ever come to know.

Thank you...
For remaining genuine.
With little today,
Anyone can say to have found...
Is that way.
Too many are addicted,
To substitutes and deception.

Thank you...
For your impact.
Thank you...
For keeping your identity.
And your identity,
Above and beyond reproach.

This impact...
Removes the fact,
Qualities to have intact...
Can never be replicated,
To disguise, charade or imitate
With a faking its reality.

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