Poem Hunter
KM (14 January 1989 / LaSalle Ontario)


at times I worry
that time will stop
before I can see you again
everything second that sits between you and I
is violet
blackened with hate and curses
that my mind invent
for keeping me from you
but each moment drags on
bitterly slow

so I steal a few
to dream and to write
of everything that will never end
nor start
living only in my imagination
and the whispers I catch from yours

...but I let them go
pour them out in violet ink
to free me;
for here under my skin
I am their prisoner
haunted by all I cannot say

once or so often
they fly from me
from behind closed lips
faint truths that I cannot control
they live their own
an honest fantasy

there is no place for us here
I fear it will always be that way

but still I watch the clock
waiting only to see you
to be let down
to be reminded of just how hopeless
we've become

...perhaps someday...

that's a lie
there is no someday
only this
violet reality

I look once more to the frozen clock
I wonder why I both waiting at all

there is nothing here
nothing to save us.

I'm sorry.

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You have again produced a piece that has to do with a lover or friend who has crushed your heart and yet you still yearn for them.