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Impatient With My Impatiens

I'm growing impatient with my impatiens
But it really isn't nice
My pink flowers are blooming
But the African variety I planted are dying, like a bad throw of dice
Though I'm tending to them and watering them twice
The woman who sold them to me told me this:
They had just a twinge of wind burn....
But at the price I bought them for, I couldn't miss
Well perhaps, but I haven't experienced this!
I took the plants indoors when the forecast called for frost
I bought them plant food and potting soild, regardless of the cost
But they're not blooming properly and seem almost lost now
I don't want to complain, but I think I ordered a boar and got a sow
I'd revive them somehow if I knew exactly how
I'm growing impatient with my impatiens, just about now!

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