(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Impeachment Proceedings

The best of evidence,
To produce and see clearly.
Is the kind to uncover,
Even those who lie can not deny.
Leaving them eternally embarrassed.
And forever left speechless.

"Will the defendant please rise.
Do you still claim and persist,
Whatever we have in our midst...
Is not you to insist? "

-I swear on a stack,
Of cheeseburgers and fries.
Someone is out to get me.
To try and minimize my authority.
With attempts not to legitimize,
The huge crowd size.
When I took the oath,
To preside as king of the Universe.-

"And you say it is not you.
But others who delude,
This truth to know...
You are the chosen one too."

-Trust me.
I don't delude.-

This is a video.
Of someone stripping from head to toe.
To expose what they claim,
Will satisfy all of Camelot.
And yet...
Even with a microscope,
Whatever it is you offer...
Those of blinded minds,
Could not find on a scavenger hunt.
May I remind all of you,
Jury members and courtroom visitors too.
None of us would be here,
If you had not picked this one to lead.
Done to represent,
An image to reflect...
The best of 'your' interests to expect.
All of you,
Get up off your knees from laughing.
And sit quietly to pretend,
You have respect left to give.

That includes you too.
And after handing out everyone tissue.
Please take this evidence we have,
To add to all the other proof...
That may or may not,
At least give those incentive to begin...
Impeachment proceedings.
With a hope to end this permitted nonsense."

-Your Honor? -

"WHAT! "

-My followers know,
I am a practical joker.-

"That may be used as your defense.
If you had kept your clothes on,
And left us to use...
Our own imaginations.
You may have escaped,
The seriousness of your predicament.
And to say,
As if you were the next J.F.K.? ? ?
Your ego, narcissism, and lies to tell,
Has to put an end...
To your 'fantastic voyage'.
The kind only you had created to envision."

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