(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Scream Out

scream out
about this life of yours
and these doors
that close before your eyes
like lies
of the life that you could have had

and these dreams
that you had
kneel down before you
clutching their chest
a knife sticking out
with the sad truths crest
writen in blood
across its forehead

as you scream
but the dream is gone
like the weed in your bong
when the high is gone

as this life snaps back
and you start to remember
this and that
and the pain returns
from all those years
of your parents beating you
for shit you didnt even do

when all you want
is to be with the girl
the kind of girl
that you would give up the world
just to be with

but it cant be
cause you got to work out
these issues that
make you cut on yourself

and your cold in this world
alone in this world
of hipacrits and humans
backstabers and bigits
faghaters and straights

its all this shit
that you got to deal with
when you enter this life

the life you had no choice in
all these decisions that are made for you
like they knew whats best for you
before they even knew you,
were going to be born

so i say this last thing to you
my friend
i hope you will listen to me
as i tell you my last words

Scream out!
about this life of yours!
and these doors that close before your eyes!
like lies!
of the life that you could have had!

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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