Impediments And Disabilities.

Impediments and Disabilities.

There are many people who go through life,
With impediments and disabilities,
They require constant or regular care,
To help put them at ease.

Please be mindful ever body,
That every impediment and disability cannot be seen,
Many people won't want to broadcast the facts,
So, try not to be so mean.

Some senses may be lost or reduced,
Such as sight, earring or smell,
But often is the case,
The other senses will improve vastly as well.

If you think somebody is being bullied due to a Disability,
Be kind and ask if they are OK,
This will often bring them happiness and comfort,
And may really make their day.

Written by David Boyce
22 December 2017

by David Boyce

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A very heartwarming write nicely penned. Yes, .people with disabilities need care and love. They should not be bullied. A.great piece.10