I'm a girl that everyone expects to be perfect
I'm the girl that gets yelled out and called names if did something 'imperfect'
I'm the girl who is suppose to help out everyone before I help myself
I'm the girl who is expected to be nice all the times, and not state anything that could hurt another's feelings, regardless if it's the truth
I'm that kinda girl, that no one seems to believe, is imperfect


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nicely said i can relate to this to this one too. everybody expect you to be perfect but, i found out the closest you can get to be perfect is being yourself. if people don't like it that there problem. all i can tell you is way to go, YOU'RE A WRITER! ! ! SHARE IT! ! ! !
How did you know exactly what I felt like? ? ? ? The last time I was *Perfect* I was 7 but everyone still thinks I am...
No one is perfect... Not everyone expects that..not me. whenever your ready.. I'm here.. Take care.