AR (3-2-1945 / California)


I looked into the mirror
And I saw a reflection
Upon close inspection
There gathered a collection
Of what was more than one imperfection
As I looked real deep
I saw things that could make me weep
Things that would make me lose sleep
I saw a lifeline
Carved in my soul so divine
A secret story to entwine
And the gleam in my eyes doesn't shine anymore
Too many tears have fallen to keep score
Silently creases creep into every pore
I saw a forced smile of what could have been
And a fading frown chasing down that silly grin
Finality ready to step in
I saw tired eyes that couldn't look back
Shades of gray outnumbering the black
Imperfection after imperfection running down the track
Like long lost memeories of a distant past
Lingering on the edges of reality, but fading fast
If it sounds like I'm complaining, it won't be the last
And though I may be seething
At least I'm still breathing
And i'll come away believing
I can overcome each imperfection
And with each detection
I'll make the necessary correction
Of course never to perfection
That would be an imperfection
What a revelation

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Wow! ! You are just a darn good poet! ! I believe everyone feels this way at one time or another... don't worry, life'll turn ur way again! Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry! !