(1984 / 'Lowell, Mass.')


Sobriety serves all the plastic ceramics,
Complete your sentances. Fill them with democracy.
Dot all 'i's and cross all cruci'fiction's, with taste and manner.
Sores saturate with lust, saliva, and surreality.

Living in this day, crying because what you see
isn't what you want to happen, and your enraged,
but only if you're paying attention.
It's unsafe and 'risky', but risk has it's advantages.

The VCR becomes a religion, the Television Cult
and the Hollywood Furor Sabbath is primetime.
Sweet is now vinegar, foul is now fair, your god is now.
Whore the belongings to yourself, you are the church.
Always rob 10% at time and you won't be caught.

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