Imperfectness Thoughts

I'm tired of fighting the world, im tired of my words taken and used against me as a sword- cutting my insides
Cutting my heart from its resting spot, stopping my blood flow; how can one get up when they feel so?
Nothing i do or say can be right, my compromise is not enough to fill the worlds expectation not even for one night.
My accomplishments is not enough to lead me to where i want to be, my appearance is not becoming of me....My thoughts out think me, My intelligences out smart me, My honesty deceives me, My secret tells on me.
I'm at war with not only the world but with myself as well for living the life that made my heart swell like a cut from a rusted dried up nail...later to shatter like a foot place upon a snail, and me being that snail that would hide in my shell in protection from my threat but once again revealed...not being able to run for cover. the corpse of my body washed away as if i had amnesia-As the disease would do someones memory, seeking the past like a historian to discover what has brought me to this place, this emotion, this madness that makes me crazed hoping to escape this phase this course leading to who knows where; i am zombie walking with no life seeking to go, but where when emptiness fills me. the straps that's left cover me after the world has dragged me to these thin shreds that stops me from being completely bare-Im lost but i will inform you of my journey when i get there

by Queen Taz

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