Importance Unkept

i used to think
you were such a person
of respect and valor
perfectly covered by colors
of flesh and pigments
of beauty
your world is a lie
surrounded by whispers
what you've become
a mystery
try to hide all of the imperfections
that your mother gave you
turn away in shame
because youre convinced it's all your fault
remember, broken child
the creator is the decider
so how could you have known?
reflection is your downfall
don't stare back 'cause you will lose
all the hatred for yourself
has built up over time
underneath the surface
so you react the only way you know how
by taking down everything in your path
even if it means losing everything you have
and everyone who doesn't care

by thamoula papayia

Comments (1)

i like this one the best. i can't say exactly but it's written better than any other one. i think when you stay to simplistic messages and descriptions it allows the reader to be swept up in their own emotion instead of you telling them what they should feel. because of that i liked the way this one was able to flow and let the readers own emotions take over with your words.