JA (May 14,1957 / Madison, S. Dak.)

Every Child Is Special.

A child is a blessing from God
Inspite the way he was brought in,
Either a legitimate one or illegitimate,
God loves that child and He has
Given you that child for a purpose.

Many people tend to neglect their children
Because they have been born with disabilities.
They reject their children
Because the child doesn't have limbs,
But every child is special.

Despite the child having limbs,
He is still special,
Despite the child being unable to walk,
Unable to do all sorts of things
A normal child does,

He is still special.
It doesn't matter if the child does not have legs,
Everytime he's on a wheelchair,
May be you have to move him to and fro,
He is still a special child.

Let's take care of our childrens
Even when they have difficulties
In one or two ways.
Every child is special to the society and
Especially to the family he is born in.

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