Important Is To Love

Left handed bandit with camera
driving actress crazy with voice that is not
suitable not for this situation
bastard's son kicks his face in
broken lense tries to capture true image
but now they're fighting & he runs through the door
supporting colors comming straight from the dark
you are to busy to complain to just think about it
he is menace to pulsating flesh of society
we are all waiting for your move
keep the flesh busy after all
we are the flesh
muscles strong and senses receptive
she opens the gate & let him in
I have your money they agreed to everything
but I would rather die rather to be prisoner of
this luxury apartment then to be picked
for that sort of job
her boyfriend & roommate offers coffee
in strange jerky way clears a throat
but her beauty
her beauty is so light & ready to be hired

by Bohdan Vorejs

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