Impossible To Discern Between Dancer And Dance?

Or their feet are too large
Or their screams are too loud
Or their truths are too tough

Or their manners are rough
Or their shields not so strong
Or their stones badly hidden
or their nails are uncut

Or their furs aren't soft
Or their meows aren't pliant
Or their wallets are empty,

Or they don't know when to stop
Or their erudition stinks
Or they don't have a degree,

Or their drugs make them silly
Or their dreams are too narrow
or their minds are too wide
for words, lack of words, 'want to dance? '

They rub you on the wrong places,
they step on your toes, unashamed,
They don't know how to say thank you
they're right and wrong and it's the same,

they waltz in the rhythm of a march
and prick their noses while listening jazz,
they are obnoxious, nobody loves them
yet love they deserve,
even if passion, grace and motion
were denied to them...

by Amparo Perez Arrospide

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