(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Impossible To Do

Talents and skills to possess,
Guarantees no one...
A place to sit on a mountaintop.
With a listening to echoes,
Heard to hear of their success.
It takes a craved desire,
On some days marinated in a craze.
And then heated by initiative set on fire.
To sometimes feel one is engaged in rage.
Controlled and kept on the move,
Through obstacles and opposition.
To only prove those with talents and skills,
Are not afraind to confront walls installed,
Built to discourage...
Their wishes and hopes to dream.
And kept too motivated,
Not to see them flourish or allow them prevented...
From being done.
With devotion and time sacrificed.
To know what they must do to overcome,
Hoodwinkers, deceivers and dupe to do makers.

'I'm telling you.
As God is my witness.
And both of us claim to be Christians.
They were right here.
We strapped them in strait jackets.
And 'still' they escaped.
I'm telling you,
They have disappeared.'

That's a lot of B.S. and garbage.
That's IMPOSSIBLE to do.~

'Impossible to do for who?
How strong 'is' your faith?
You often tell me keeps you chosen.
AND favored.'

~What they've done,
Has nothing to do with God or faith.
I know more than you may think,
About these 'mysterious' things.
Someone permitted themselves to assist them.
And I want all of this to be investigated.
I could care less,
About their talents and skills to possess.
No one is 'that' motivated with initiative.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Talents and skills to possess! ! Nice work.