(October 20, 1940 / New Jersey)

Good Night

As you go into your bed cover
and over you the darkness of the night
may the holly Ghost be your cover
till you see tomorrow's light.

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dulcimer, gavotte and bow- you kinda lost me after that; I'll come back to it when I have more time, but I like the romantic orchestration at the beginning. When I have more time I'll get into this- one of these days.
I noticed below the remark: long winded pretentious crap..... And so it seems goes effort in the admiration of artful emotion. (Which follows the bustling trend where everything must end with instantaneous gratification....) It's so sad. I found your poem quite riveting, enlightening - though admittedly at first the length seemed a bit extended. Sir, I believe this is quite a fitting tribute to your friend. And just as Elliott undoubtedly anxiously awaited your next punch line, I too eagerly anticipated each and every of your next lines within this poem. What I found was a very deep sense of loss of someone quite dear. The renga reference was a mark of genius, given the phone-tag jokery between the two - or three - of you. And since Elliot was a fan of Japanese poetry I suppose it is quite indeed fitting. (Given your cite of his Haiku.) All in all I'd say the brash respondent below lacks great love, or at least the willingness to find it. I found it quite amply in your words here. I suspect it's been a few years since his passing, but since I've only just now found you I'll say it anyway: I'm sorry for your loss. And yes, I know jokery is not a word. But it should be. I'm working very hard toward getting it accepted into the common vernacular. In fact, just yesterday the funniest thing happened....... Ooops. Gotta go. The rabbi is freaking out. Something about Lazarus........
Long winded pretentious crap
Too long, but hilarious with the twisting of words and concepts..thank you for sharing Robert Pinsky..