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forget your former passions,
forget what you've lived,
forget everything that harms you,
forget how she used to smile.
please forget everything,
this i beg to you,
i don't want you to compare me,
i don't wan't you to make false expectations,
i don't desire a hopeless heart,
i don't desire a wretched body,
nor do i desire, someone's left over,
i desire you,
not a mere shadow,
not a mere fragment,
i don't want you to change,
i want you.
i don't lust mere ashes,
i lust you.
use me if you want to,
consume me if you will,
martirize me.
i know you want me,
i know you need me,
i know you love me,
but you carry a great burden upon you soul,
that remembrance of what used to be,
is your cross,
your enemy,
my enemy,
your misfortune,
my obstacle,
your gloominess,
my challenge,
your self-destructive nature,
my obsession,
yet your heartache,
your deep longing for what used to be,
are what afflicts me,
what mortifies me,
what slaughters me,
what makes everything,

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Comments (4)

the tension in this reaches great height! ! and it written with a lot of passion and desire for him to be finally 100% yours. Awesome poem HBH
very intense-its nice to know i'm not the only one who hates to be sloppy seconds!
Wow! This is the strongest thing I ever heard! And the deepest and the most passionate way to put it. I hope nobody would ever dare to ask you after this :) . Awesome poem! Frankly, at first I thought it was anonymously written for me.
liked this very much, seemed to pick up pace near the end as the anger increased, excellent