Hickory Phil

In the land where the eagle flies over the dollar bill
Way back when the liberty tree was new
In a town by the sea
lived a man named Hickory Phil

A poet of much renowned was he
With his lustful tales of life and love
And haunting sea chanteys
And a dirty little limerick to give his fans a thrill

One day a judge came to see Hickory Phil
In that town by the sea
” Phil, sit and listen to me”
Phil sat and gave an ear
In that town by the sea

You must give up your lusty tales of life and love
And instead pray to the Lord above
For if you do not then I fear
You will no longer live in this town by the sea

Old Phil a clever man was he
To the judge he turned to speak
In that town by the sea
And spoke something quite unique

Dear God on high above
Please tell me of the girl I love
Please answer this one simple request
about her soft breasts
That I just want to get hold of

©JPM 2/25/10

by Jim Milks

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