i pause for perfection earned (yours)
And a reflection of days gone by...
As this unfolding excellence is enough
While we gaze at a star lit sky.

Dreamers dream their own dreams...
Their audience - in balcony's ever high
The velvet curtain upon a grand stage (opens)
So, too, the reflection's of days gone by.

The truth never leaves you (ever)
As sure as actors know their lines...
For once, they were merely caterpillar's crawling
Now as lofty butterflies perched upon the vine.

Pretend this is for the movies (partially)
And for a child's idle play as time does, indeed, fly
Where 'reality' is as the footlight's shining brilliantly (always)
So too, as my reflection's of my many days gone by.

By Theodora Onken

April 14,2016

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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Thank you Kelly! You are always so kind and generous with your reviews! You are so appreciated my friend!
A beautiful poem, Theo. Beyond the fleeting now, all else is reflection