JS ( / Arlington, Mass.)


As the newborn struggles to be free,
A sudden burst of stars gazes at him in threes;
A child of nine months stands upright with determination
Then suddenly he stumbles and gazes upward in search of
On the upward hill toward progress the speaking child
We look at him and ask is this our fate
While the calendar years roll out
Here a boy of nine cut from little league pouts;
This time his head outside the noose,
As adolescence strikes its peak
The opposite sex we find does seek
Not far down the wayside in marriage man and woman become
Now let's see how much left will really be highlighted.
Family time has begun and the first child is born
As he looks out the window it is dawn
The pebble struck road is still distant and beyond
The ninety-year-old man takes an unrushed yawn
These impressions - they do escalate
Like amino acids, the building blocks of life- They are at stake.

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